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In 2020, Gill Barnett and Brian Kern joined forces to create PCI Municipal Services, LLC. Brian brings his thirty years of experience in the municipal parking world to the PCI team. Gill and Brian identified a real void in the industry of quality focused parking management services for municipalities. PCI Municipal Services is solely focused on municipal parking services with dedicated resources to deliver personal responsive service to our clients.

In August 2021, Jack Skelton became a partner of Gill and Brian in PCI Municipal Services, LLC. Jack offers thirty years of municipal parking management experience having worked with town, city, and state parking programs across the country. Jack provides a wealth of knowledge related to a broad spectrum of parking technologies which adds significant consultative value to our company and clients.

City of Pasadena/Old Town Pasadena Public Parking Facilities, Pasadena, CA

PCI Differentiator

Our approach to parking management is designed to bring personal attention and flexibility to our service industry. PCI Municipal Services offers our clients direct access to our leadership for responsive decision making and resource allocation.  Gill and Brian are sincerely interested in ensuring every client’s satisfaction with our management services.

PCI Municipal Services is the better alternative to the national parking firms who commoditize services and limit important vital resources to the local operational teams.  The parking industry has gone through an unhealthy consolidation and a focus on Wall Street instead of Main Street.  We are a privately owned firm that has always honored our financial commitments, before, during and after the pandemic.  PCI Municipal Services delivers a high level of experience and expertise to our municipal clients.  Our leadership offers over five decades of proven municipal experience to our clients and offers consultation into all aspects of both off-street and on-street parking operations.

PCI Municipal Services delivers a high level of experience and expertise to our municipal clients. Our leadership offers over five decades of proven municipal experience to our clients and offers consultation into all aspects of both off-street and on-street parking operations.

Gill Barnett CEO

Gill Barnett, CEO

Gill Barnett, CEO, has over 60 years in the parking industry. The first car Gill ever parked, back in 1957, was at LAX. Gill has personally either managed or been responsible for many of the major airport and municipal parking operations in the US. Gill has been the face of Southern California professional parking for over five decades, having started Ampco (now known as ABM Parking Services) Parking in the 1960’s and a decade later, Parking Concepts. Needless to say, Gill is a bona fide expert when it comes to the subject of “municipal parking and transportation operations”. 

Brian Kern President

Brian Kern, President

Brian Kern, President, started his career in parking in 1990 which now spans over three decades. Prior to establishing PCI Municipal Services, he worked at Republic Parking System for the past 22 years where he was promoted to Senior Vice President. In his tenure, he was able to grow the Western Division from just a couple of locations in two cities to over 180 locations across 18 cities. His portfolio generated over $300 million in annual gross revenues. Brian has held various positions in management and his main duties included the marketing and business development of new cities, operational oversight, profit and loss responsibilities and providing training to employees at all levels of the organization. Brian has primarily focused on municipal properties and his accomplishments can be directly attributed to his extraordinary commitment to client satisfaction. Through these experiences, Brian understood the importance to engaging others and gaining their trust through helping those around him. In addition, he has established a reputation of being an effective leader and a dedicated business partner.

Jack Skelton Headshot

Jack Skelton, Principal

Jack Skelton, Principal, is a seasoned parking executive whose career has focused on municipal on-street and off-street parking programs. He has overseen the design and implementation of technology solutions for over a hundred municipal parking operations during his career. Jack has been an industry innovator in leveraging data integration and analytic solutions to improve the operational efficiency and customer experience for municipal parking programs around the country. Jack has over 30 years of experience in parking and transportation management, has deployed innovative technology solutions for some of the largest parking enforcement programs in the United States, and has successfully led the implementation of dozens of highly complex technology solutions for municipal parking programs.

Our Perspective

PCI Municipal Services views each city as unique with its own specific goals and objectives.

Our approach is to first listen to our client’s vision for their parking and transportation program; secondly assess their current facilities, customer base and operation; and finally apply our experience and resources to design an approach that best fits the client.  We see the relationship as an inverted pyramid, where the customer and client come first in every decision we make.  PCI is only interested in working with clients who want quality parking and transportation programs where the customer and employees are the focus.

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Parking Concepts, Inc. (PCI) is a full-service parking and transportation company that was formed in 1974 to specifically service the unique needs of developers, asset managers and governmental entities.

PCI is privately owned corporation.  PCI’s initial “concept” was to specialize in the parking management and to perfect the operating principles to be put forth that would assure superior levels of service to both the customer and client.  Major decisions are made promptly by senior management and our clients have benefited from this fact on many occasions.

Today, PCI operates in excess of 180 parking facilities.

Our corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles and Irvine.  We also have California field offices in Hollywood, San Fernando, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Norwalk, San Pedro, Ontario, Santa Ana, San Francisco, as well as a Regional Office in Dallas, Texas.  Our overall experience and reputation in the parking industry is unsurpassed.  We have the experience of operating numerous high-volume municipal parking programs (self-parking, valet parking, and shuttle service).  In fact, PCI’s senior management believes that there is not a single type of specific parking experience that we do not possess.

Woman Paying at Parking Meter

From the start of our parking business in 1974, we have built our reputation and experience by exceeding the expectations of our clients.

PCI was founded with the mission to continually provide quality parking services that are progressive and innovative to enhance our clients’ image and financial goals.  PCI has never altered this mission and continues to deliver a service that is unparalleled in commitment, value and customer satisfaction.

When PCI was founded, we recognized that we were in a very competitive business. Some companies were building national empires. Others were diversifying into unchartered areas.  Early on, we decided to focus on what is still the most important consideration in the parking business. And that focus – SERVICE! – continues to remain just as important as it ever was.  The PCI management team is involved in all aspects of every parking facility we oversee. Each team member is motivated to achieve exceptional results.  Fortunately for PCI’s 1,400+ employees, the founder of PCI realized early on that the only product we had to sell was service and that if the best services were provided, in a professional and cost-efficient manner, the company’s satisfied clients would be their best sales representatives.  PCI’s operating philosophy has worked well.

We consider ourselves as “partners” with each of our clients as opposed to just another vendor. This philosophy has a dramatic effect on our outlook to the daily operations, goals of the business communities and the ultimate decisions that affect service and financial returns.   Our structure will be both basic and thorough at the same time.  We will staff the operation with only the best – those with positive and enthusiastic attitudes and those who understand the valuable part that they will have in providing the best service.

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PCI Municipal Services | Parking Management Services

Our leadership offers over five decades of proven municipal experience to our clients and offers consultation into all aspects of both off-street and on-street parking operations.