Ontario International Airport is owned and operated by the recently-formed Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA).  Formerly, ONT was owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports.  ONT is located in the Inland Empire of the Los Angeles basin and serves passengers from the entire southern California region.  It has been ranked one of the best alternate airports in the United States by Forbes Magazine.  A major factor in this ranking is the convenience of the parking facilities at ONT.

As mentioned earlier in the document, we are pleased to have had the privilege of providing the parking management services at ONT for the past 13 years. During this time, major changes have taken place at airports throughout the entire nation.  Ontario International Airport has not been an exception to this situation. As airlines either cut back on service or left the market entirely, passenger traffic (and parking transactions) steadily declined.  Accordingly, there have been staffing adjustments within both ONT and the owner organizations.

Orange Civic Center

Parking Concepts has worked with ONT, LAWA, and OIAA management on a number of initiatives during the term of our agreements (two) to reduce parking operating expenses without sacrificing guest service.

These initiatives include several studies that allowed ONT to adjust staffing at specific parking facilities and more efficiently utilize parking staff.  We have also made a number of audit-related recommendations that have improved revenue control.  Recently, we have assumed a number of functions that were previously performed by staff at ONT.  This has allowed the redeployment of former ONT staff members to LAX.  We have welcomed these additional responsibilities for the sake of continuing to develop our partnership with the governing bodies.

ONT Airport

During the course of our management of the parking facilities at ONT, we have leveraged the close proximity of our offices in downtown Los Angeles and Irvine.  Our senior executive staff regularly attends airport meetings and provides an extra layer of management not often found at the operating location level.  This has benefited our client when making rate recommendations and developing our valet implementation plans.

We are especially proud of our introduction of PARCS technology at ONT.  This technology includes a completely new Hub Parking Technology PARCS system, utilizing much of the same technology as is currently in use at LAX.  This provides our proposal team with a level of experience and expertise that would greatly benefit LAWA as we transitioned the operation.  In addition to the Hub PARCS system implementation, we are working hand in hand with ONT’s on-line reservation and yield management partner.  We have gained a great deal of experience working alongside this partner.

Our current scope of work includes management of the public and employee parking facilities at ONT.  Going back to the start of our current management agreement, these parking facilities included Lot D, Lot F, Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4, and Lot 5.  In addition, we manage the parking operation for the International arriving and departing passenger traffic.   We recently added valet parking to the parking services available at Ontario International.  This has been a tremendous milestone in the history of customer service at ONT.

Please refer to the following information relating to Ontario International Airport:

Project Name Ontario International Airport Parking and Shuttles
Commercial Operator Duties
Frictionless Parking Component
Yes (valet)
Online Marketing Component
Yes (MAG)
Online Sales Component
Yes (MAG)
Yield Management Component Yes (MAG)
Term of Agreement 2007 – Present
Total Value of Agreement
Contract Number
Location Name and Address
Ontario International Airport
Ontario, CA  91761
Client Contact Details
Ontario International Airport Authority
Mr. Atif Elkadi
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
1923 E. Avion St.
Ontario, CA  91761
[email protected]
Nature of Services Provided
Management of the airport self-parking, valet parking, and employee parking facilities including cashiers, traffic directors, auditors, and inventory personnel.  We also provide transportation service to the remote parking lots.  We support the online booking and yield management process. In addition, we were responsible for the PARCS installation and supervision of the maintenance and service.  We also issue permits to ground transportation providers.
Number of Employees