DFW is the third largest (number of flight operations) airport in the world.  Passengers at DFW are served by eight major domestic and 15 major international airlines operating out of five separate terminals utilizing 13 garages and four remote surface lots.  All airport services operate on a 24/7 basis and encounter challenges associated with inclement weather and other irregular flight operations.  All service providers must have contingency plans to address these situations.

On-airport valet service was successfully implemented in March 2008 when Parking Concepts offered reservation and drive up service at 14 separate service delivery areas (see map on right).  Due to the number of service delivery areas and the very frequent last minute returning flight gate changes, this valet operation is one of the most challenging valet operations in the country. In fact, these challenges resulted in several failed attempts by various operators to implement valet parking at DFW.


Similar to the initial opportunity to implement valet service at John Wayne Airport, Parking Concepts was the only parking company to submit a proposal to provide valet parking services at DFW.  It is a very demanding environment that required the implementation of an extremely high-powered valet PARCS.  After careful consideration of a number of possible solutions, we selected the Automated Valet Parking Manager (AVPM) system.  This system is one of the most sophisticated valet parking management software systems available.

DFW Airport

Our system provides on-line guest reservation capability, flight status information, arrival and departure gate information, guest vehicle tracking, revenue control, and auditing capabilities all integrated into one comprehensive on-line, real time software system. In fact, this system has won several awards due to its ability to meet the demanding needs of the DFW Airport Valet operation.  We have been instrumental in providing input to the developer for many enhancements to the original functionality and are affectionately known as their “research and development department”.  Another highlight of our DFW valet operation was the introduction of the industry’s first Apple iPhone valet parking application.  This development advanced parking technology to another level and is still the standard.

Our DFW valet operation is being included as a representative project due to the complexity of the development and implementation of the leading edge equipment technology system.  Nothing on the scale of the DFW valet operation had ever been successfully implemented at an airport.  This experience will provide us with the tools to specify and implement many of the proposed service enhancements we are recommending for LAWA’s LAX and VNY airports.

Please refer to the following information relating to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport:

Project Name DFW International Valet Service
Commercial Operator Duties
Frictionless Parking Component
Online Marketing Component
Online Sales Component
Yield Management Component Yes
Term of Agreement 2008 – Present
Total Value of Agreement
Contract Number
Location Name and Address
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport DFW Airport, TX 75261
Client Contact Details
DFW International Airport
Mr. Ken Buchanan
Exec. Vice President – Revenue Management
P.O. Box 619428
DFW Airport, TX  75261
[email protected]
Nature of Services Provided
Management of the DFW-branded on airport valet parking services.  The guest vehicles are dropped off in the One Hour areas of the terminal garages.  Subsequently, the vehicles are moved into the dedicated valet storage area in the Terminal D garage.  In addition, we offer vehicle cleaning and detailing service currently generating over $60,000 per month.
Number of Employees