Parking Concepts currently operates the public self-parking facilities and employee parking facilities at theCity of Beverly Hills.

These major high-volume facilities are 24/7 operations requiring round the clock staffing and supervision.  We also manage the monthly parking permit program for these facilities. ParkingConcepts has managed these operations during periods of construction projects, including a comprehensivePARCS (SkiData) installation.

Like Love Field, the Beverly Hills public parking facilities utilizes SkiData PARCS.  As a result, we are very familiar with the hardware and software systems associated with this equipment.  Our company’s field staff is well-versed on producing and interpreting management reports generated by the system.  We have a large number of management and front-line staff that were instrumental with the implementation of the SkiData PARCS at this high-volume facility.

Downtown Image Beverly Hills

The City of Beverly Hills parking operation consists of the following facilities:

Name of Facility Type of Facility Number of Parking Stalls
450 N Crescent Drive Multi-level Garage 451
241 Beverly Drive Multi-level Garage 1,164
9333 Third Street Multi-level Garage 736
Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts Multi-level Garage 455
Total Facilities  2,806
City of Beverly Hills Public Parking Facilities, Beverly Hills, CA

These facilities represent a major self-park operation that serves all of the City of Beverly Hills central business area activities.  These include county government business, special events, and general public parking for downtown Beverly Hills.  The operation runs 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  In addition to the “normal” parking management functions and large special events, the City calls on our staff to provide services above and beyond our contracted scope of work.  Parking Concepts is always ready to step up and perform the requested services.

Please refer to the following specific information relating to the City of Beverly Hills Public Parking Facilities:

Location Name & Address City of Beverly Hills Public Parking Facilities
Beverly Hills, CA  90210
Client Contact Details
City of Beverly Hills Public Parking Facilities
Public Works Department
345 Foothill Road
Beverly Hills, CA  90210
Ms. Genevieve Row
Parking Services Manager
(310) 285-2478
[email protected]
Nature of Services Provided
Local management provides overall parking oversight for this major parking operation.  Our team is responsible for hiring, training, scheduling, and coaching all parking employees.  In addition, our staff is responsible for the general operation and maintenance of the SkiData PARCS.
Date of Service
2013 – Present
Self-Park Management Services
Capacity of Facilities
6,544 vehicles
Total Annual Gross Revenue $5,600,000
Self-Park Receipts
Location Operating Hours 24/7/365
Type of Revenue Control System
SkiData with Pay-on-Foot, Pay-in-Lane
Classification of Location
Public Off-Airport Multi-Facility Location